When a pet passes away, times are difficult enough without having to worry about the final arrangements for your dearly loved companion.

Our compassionate staff will assist you in choosing the best services, and provide comforting support while you plan a dignified and peaceful passing for your beloved pet.

The Loss of a Pet
This can be one of the most difficult times for an individual to cope with in their life. Brevard Humane Society understands this and is here to provide your beloved animal companion a painless and dignified experience at the end of their life.

Most owners consider their pets to be members of their family, and well over half spend more time taking their pets to the veterinarian than going to the doctor for themselves.

Given the rich and intense relationships most pet owners share with their animal companions, the loss of a pet can be very painful. It can trigger overwhelming feelings of grief and sadness, trouble sleeping, weight loss may occur, feeling tired all the time or have difficulty focusing on anything. Your feelings might surprise you, but should not if you consider all of the things your animal companion brought to your life, chief among them “love and affection.” We are here to help alleviate the stress of your companion’s end of life arrangements.

For questions on cremation or chapel services, contact the Brevard Humane Society (321) 636-3343 ext. 208 or chapel.services@brevardhumanesociety.com.