What is Kitten Season?

Kitten Season, occurring in Spring for our local area, is the time of year when the breeding season for cats comes to fruition and many, many adorable, big-eyed kittens are born.   

While a furry little kitty can soften the hardest of hearts, Kitten Season is also the time of year when the Brevard Humane Society gets the largest number of abandoned and stray kittens to find fur-ever homes for, all in a short amount of time. It is a period that we need your help most to ensure that we have all of the supplies and tools to make sure we give the best possible care to the hundreds of kittens that we take in. 

Below, we have the list of items with links and coupons, when available, detailing what we need the most to make sure we give all the love and care we can offer to these little bundles of adorable. We depend on our community to assist us in helping the kitties and we ask you to view the list and donate what you can.  We greatly appreciate the support and look forward to another successful Kitten Season!

  • Flavor-Free Pedialyte

  • Chicken Baby Food

  • Receiving Blankets

  • Miracle Nipples

  • Flexible Tip Thermometer

  • Kitten Milk Replacement

  • Non-Scented Baby Wipes

  • Snuggle Safe Warmer

  • Flea Combs

  • Publix Gift Cards

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