2017 Paws on the Catwalk Models Donation Page

           Please note: There is a minimum donation of $5.00 for credit cards.
       Thank you for your understanding.

   *Cash or check accepted with attached note or memo stating which model donation is for*

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  1. Michael Barin

  2. Craig Deligdish

    Craig Deligdish

  3. Carol DePaul

  4. Kimberly Ellis

  5. Jim Fraizer

  6. Deena Hoder

  7. Darlene Krause

  8. Laura Kutryb

  9. Norma Levy

  10. Harris Mullen

  11. Lori Reader

  12. Kris Romandetti

  13. Bella Ruohomaki

  14. Sherry Aconfora-Ruohomaki

  15. Carla Shofner

  16. Wendell Wilkes