cash_for_trash_imageThe Brevard Humane Society’s “Cash For Trash” effort is an established collection and processing program for the recycling of laser and ink jet printers and fax cartridges, which helps provide shelter and care for lost, unwanted and abused animals in our community.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Laser and ink jet cartridges are currently polluting America’s landfills and can take up to 200 years to fully decompose.

Our organization is supported strictly by community donations. Through the Cause For Paws Program, a business owner or individual can not only receive the piece of mind and satisfaction that comes from knowing they are supporting a very worthwhile cause but also know that they are preserving the environment. This is a way to contribute needed revenue to a worthwhile cause without spending a dime or a minute of your time and the donation is also TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!

It is easy! Simply, call Cause For Paws at 1-800-804-7612 for more information or follow the steps below:
• Start Saving Your Empty Laser/Ink Jet Printer or Fax Cartridges (please NO Epson Print Cartridges or Toner Bottles)

• Tell All Your Employees About Your Participation in the Program & Encourage Them to Bring Their Empty Cartridges From Home

• You Will Be Set Up for a Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly Pick-up (you don’t have to call when a pick up is needed)