Hundreds of animals are at risk of euthanasia in overcrowded shelters throughout the south, due to the devastation of events like Hurricane Harvey. Animals who were beloved pets prior to these events are now in high-kill shelters, hoping someone will rescue them. After many calls and emails from animal shelters and rescues reaching out for help, Brevard Humane Society has started a new program, ”Saving lives, one ride at a time.”  We are rescuing many of these abandoned and displaced animals, and we need your help!

Our biggest challenge is the cost in transporting them to Brevard Humane Society. With this program, your donation can save a life, one ride at a time!  Your $75 sponsorship will provide lifesaving transport for one animal, and you will receive an update with the name, description and picture of the animal you saved! You can give an animal the second chance it may not have had without your support!  To sponsor a “ride” for one or more animals, or to give any amount to help save a life, please click on the green box below:

  1. Saving a Life, One Ride at a Time

    Transportation donations for animals from overcrowded, high-kill shelters to Brevard Humane Society's Adoption Center.