Celebrating the amazing bond between Jacob and his best friend, Ava, by giving pitties a new start and a happy ever after story.

Jacob and Ava’s Story

Sometimes when a young man changes directions in life, he needs a best friend, a companion to share the journey. Jacob Podnos was that young man. As he walked through the kennels at the shelter, he saw a small brown dog lying down with her head on her front paws.  She didn’t lift her head, but shifted her gaze and her deep chocolate eyes locked with his without a blink, and he fell in love.

This little girl, a skinny pitbull with ears that had been chopped off and no known history was about to start a new life. She was so loved. He bought a house for her because no-one would rent to him with a pitbull. They walked every morning, she sunbathed in the yard, and she was no longer skinny. They celebrated events together and shared an amazing bond.

Jake tried to promote a positive image of the intelligent, loving, playful caring nature of this misunderstood breed. His love for his little pittie will live on through these Ava’s Champions pups that will be given a fresh start.

Meet Ava’s Champions


Name: Rhoda
Breed: Bulldog
Color: Blue / White
Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Size: Large
Weight: 50 pounds

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