As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Brevard Humane Society depends on generous, tax-deductible donations from the community. We operate without any tax dollars, and we need your help to continue to care for the unwanted and abandoned pets that visit the shelter each year.


  1. General Donations

    General Donations help the Brevard Humane Society care for homeless pets until safe and healthy homes can be found for them. We depend on the generosity of people like you to allow us to continue helping animals and champion the No-Kill movement.
  2. “In Honor of” a Person or Pet

    Would you like to donate "In Honor of" a loved one? Click "Donate" below and fill in the "In Honor of" field. Your giving makes a homeless animal's life easier.
  3. “In Memory of” a Person or Pet

    Would you like to donate "In Memory of" a loved one? Click "Donate" below and fill out the name in the "In Memory of" field. Your Gift changes an animal's life.

 bhs-eventspaw Please note: There is a minimum donation of $5.00 for credit cards. Thank you for  understanding.

bhs-eventspawTo make an ongoing Monthly Gift donation, call (321) 636-3343 ext. 213 or email

bhs-eventspawIf you would like to donate a Vehicle, Stocks or Bequests (Wills & Living Trusts * ) to our organization, please contact Theresa Clifton at (321) 636-3343 ext. 204 or email

* If you would like to have your Will done for FREE (with your bequest going to the Brevard Humane Society), contact Tom Yardley at (321) 633-0400.

Thank you for your generous gift!