Become a Foster Parent

Last year, the Brevard Humane Society saved nearly 1,000 animals through our Foster Care Program.

Foster parents are volunteers who are willing to open their hearts and their homes to provide temporary care for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies in need. Some animals may need as little as two weeks of care, while others may require care for up to three months.

Our greatest foster needs are:

  • Sick animals in need of medical attention
  • Adults with nursing offspring
  • Orphaned kitten and puppies
  • Animals recovering from injury/illness
  • Adult Dogs – especially larger ones
Fostering is flexible enough for most lifestyles as we will custom-match the animals to each foster home/family. By offering your time, energy and home to an animal in need, you prepare the animal for adoption into a permanent home as well as help prevent overcrowding.

Why Foster?

When you become a foster parent, you volunteer to keep a homeless pet in your home temporarily until they are able to go to a “furever” home. Below are the top reasons we believe you should consider becoming a foster parent.
  • Fostering saves a life
  • Fostered animals learn they are loved
  • Fostering frees up a place for another animal in need
  • Fostering increases an animal’s chance of being adopted
  • Fostering reduces an animals chance of being returned
  • Fostering socializes animals in a way a shelter would be unable to
  • Fostering allows your pet’s personality to shine which aids with better placement
  • Fostering aids in an animal’s transition to their “furever” home
  • Fostering gives animals the time they need to become happy & healthy
  • Fostering keeps animals out of shelters
  • Fostering is rewarding
  • Fostering is flexible
  • Fostering can help heal the loss of a pet
  • Fostering turns sad goodbyes into happy endings
  • Foster failures become success stories allowing you to adopt your new friend and keep them forever

How Foster Works

When Brevard Humane Society receives animals who are not ready to be put up for adoption, we contact foster parent volunteers. If a foster volunteer is not available to foster at that time, we simply try another person. There will be plenty of other opportunities to foster, so there is never any pressure to accept an animal.

Foster parents will need to come to our Adoption Center located at 1020 Cox Road in Cocoa to pick up their foster animal(s). At that time, volunteers receive information about the animal’s condition and needs.

Foster parents may need to bring the animal to our Adoption Center periodically to be examined by our veterinarian, receive vaccinations or other treatment.

Generally speaking, kittens and puppies need to remain in a foster home until they are (8) Weeks Old and have reached at weight of at least 2 lbs. and sick or injured animals would need to be returned upon recovery.

Once the foster period is over, the foster volunteer returns the animal(s) to the Brevard Humane Society so our staff can complete the final steps necessary to prepare the animal for adoption including spaying/neutering.

While it can be difficult to say “goodbye,” fostering is a very rewarding and fulfilling program that helps to save the lives of animals who may not have had a chance otherwise.

The Brevard Humane Society provides: Pet supplies, all veterinary care and medicine for foster animals, plus plenty of support to foster parent volunteers.

Foster parent volunteers provide: Time, a place in their home, and lots of love.

Foster Requirements

If you are interested in fostering with the Brevard Humane Society, please follow these steps:
  • Be of age. The primary caregiver of the foster animal must be at least 18 years old. However, young people can help at home and potentially receive school credit. Inquire more about school credit at the volunteer orientation.
  • Be in the area. Foster volunteers must be able to travel to our location located at 1020 Cox Road in Cocoa on a regular basis. Please consider the potential commute before applying to volunteer.
  • Fill out a foster application and attend volunteer orientation. Within 3 months of submitting your application you must attend Volunteer Orientation. Here you will learn about all volunteer positions available at the Brevard Humane Society, our history and policies. During orientation, you will also be shown how to register any other areas that interest you.
  • Start saving lives. We will match you with the foster animals that suit your lifestyle.