Business partnerships play a vital role in the many programs and services we offer. Your participation will help:

  • Save Homeless Animals
    The Brevard Humane Society provides food, shelter, medical care and nurturing to thousands of homeless animals in our community. Chances are, you or someone you know has adopted a loving, lifelong companion from our organization.
  • Support Pet Owners in Our Community
    Keeping pets in loving homes is every bit as important as finding new homes for orphaned pets. We offer a pet food pantry, medical referrals and pet-friendly housing referrals to pet owners in need of support.
  • Reduce Companion Animal Overpopulation Our animal clinic offers low-cost, high-quality veterinary care to the public ranging from wellness exams and spay/neuter services to microchipping and heartworm treatments.

Plus, your involvement also allows your company to touch the minds and hearts of consumers in a way that drives sales and endears them to your brand.