As a not-for-profit, charitable animal welfare organization, the Brevard Humane Society relies on our community to help us fulfill our mission of finding a loving, permanent home for the homeless animals in our care. From in-shelter support, to at-home foster care, volunteers are needed in every part of the work we do.

Volunteers do more than simply give up their free time to lend a hand, they make a difference in the lives of the animals in our care and serve as an extension of our staff. Volunteers give us the extra man power needed to care for more animals, find more homes, and to grow our programs. Last year, our volunteers provided more than 38,881 hours of service to the Brevard Humane Society and contributed countless more outside of our doors.

New volunteers are requested to attend an informative session to learn more of who we are, what we do, how we do it and answer any questions you may have about how YOU can help!

How to Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are critical to the Brevard Humane Society’s success. You are now one step closer to joining our team of heroes and helping to save countless animals! Follow the steps below to begin your life-changing journey towards becoming a Brevard Humane Society Volunteer.

  1. Fill out and submit your Volunteer Application.
  2. Receive Confirmation. Once your application has been received and approved our Community Outreach Specialist will notify you of upcoming orientations. Completing a general volunteer orientation is mandatory before you may volunteer. Orientation will cover the policies of our organization, a tour of our facility as well as explain specific volunteer opportunities.*Please note there is a one-time donation fee of $20 ($10 if under the age of 16) that is required on or before orientation. This donation supports our Volunteer program and provides you with an official Brevard Humane Society Volunteer t-shirt as well as a one year membership which includes discounts at our various locations.

Once you have attended orientation and completed the necessary training, you are ready to begin saving lives as an official Brevard Humane Society Volunteer!

For questions regarding this program and requirements, please call 321.636.3343 ext. 207 or email our Community Outreach Specialist for more information.

Volunteer Requirements

You must meet the following criteria in order to become a volunteer with the Brevard Humane Society:
  • Commit to volunteering a minimum of 50 hours annually
  • Be at least 10 years of age. Volunteers ages 10-15 must apply AND must volunteer in conjunction with their parent or guardian
  • Volunteers ages 16-17 must have written approval from a parent or legal guardian
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to attend our Dog Handling class. Volunteers under the age of 16 are welcome to walk dogs with a parent; however, their parent or guardian must have control of the animal at all times.
  • If you would like to volunteer as a group, please email us for further details/instruction.

Volunteer Opportunities

Administrative Assistance

Type labels for thank-you post cards to individuals who have donated to the organization, Stuff envelopes, Data entry, Clear out voicemails, File/fax, Shred paper and/or make copies, Other duties as needed

Adoption Assistance

Provide clients with information about our programs, services and/or pricing, Solicit sales and donations for new additional services, Greet and direct clients, Provide accurate information regarding specific animals to potential adopters, Assist with adoption process and paperwork, Filing, Adoption follow-up calls, Inventory, Boutique restock, Other duties as needed

Animal Handling

Walk dogs, Spend time and give individual attention to each animal, Assist with animal feeding, Assist Kennel staff with cleaning kennel, Communicate any behavioral or physical observations to staff members, Maintain self-cleanliness in order to prevent cross contamination (wash hands and arms when going between sections or rooms), Other duties as needed

Clinic Assistance

Clean cages, Prepare e-collars, Help keep surgical and front desk area tidy, Assist with laundry, Other duties as needed

Events & Outreach Volunteers

Event and outreach volunteers will provide customer service during events, Help with Setup / Breakdown, Run booths, registration, sell merchandise, Provide information regarding our programs, services and/or pricing, Count and track donations and ticket sales during events, Help handle and provide information about animal’s onsite that are available for adoption, Make sure animals are comfortable during events, providing water and potty breaks, Other duties as needed

Foster Care Volunteer

Provide temporary housing, care and socialization, Appropriately dispense medication if necessary, Bring animal in for scheduled vaccines or surgery appointments, Communicate with foster care coordinator regarding health issues, Provide 24-hour care on specific foster case

Retail Assistance

Displaying merchandise, Furniture placement, Merchandise sorting, Product Pricing, Cleaning & Dusting

Court-Ordered Community Service

The Court-Ordered Community Service program at the Brevard Humane Society is separate from our Volunteer Program. If you are in need of hours for court, do NOT fill out the online application. Instead, please follow the guidelines below:
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Email appropriate paperwork (must include legal name, date of birth, number of hours, offense) to our Community Outreach Specialist
  • Schedule and attend orientation with the Volunteer Coordinator

Please note that the Brevard Humane Society does not accept all court-order offenses and reserves the right to not accept all applicants. Violent offenses are not accepted nor permitted into the program.