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How Do I Choose the Best Pet Food for My Dog?

Guest article by Ross D

Like humans, dogs require a balanced diet to ensure healthy well-being away from sicknesses. Most dog diseases are owner-related, of which a large percentage is as a result of malnutrition. A healthy diet can also aid in recovery from illnesses. Besides, dogs have preferences and might not eat if you don’t provide their favorite meal. So, you should pick the best food and treats for your dog while keeping in mind their taste.


With many pet foods available in pet stores, picking the proper diet for your canine is cumbersome. So, it is best to buy dog meals from well-organized and trusted stores like daves pet food to get ascertained quality. With various dog food stocked at this store, you can choose the proper meal that suits your pet’s needs. The packages come in a delicious and nutritious treat that will leave your pet obsessing.

If you find it hard to pick the perfect food for your dog, here are some tips to help you.

Consider The Nutritional Status of Your Dog.

Healthy dogs are active and display normal activity levels. To know if your dog is well nourished, the fur or skin should be shiny and glowing, maintains a proper weight, have a solid, consistent stool, and have frequent bowel movements twice or thrice daily. Also, it should have decent breath, clear eyes, and adequate vitality levels.

If your dog is sick and weary, you’ll notice fatigue, teary eyes, and decreased activity levels. The pup might also pace around whimpering, and you should consider high-calorie diets to supplement its energy requirements. Adding sweet potato and pumpkin is the best way to help your dog regain strength; these foods also have enough fiber that aids in digestion for maximum absorption. 

Dogs also suffer from allergies, digestive problems, and lack of appetite; therefore, it is prudent to choose a treat that will not spark allergic reactions or cause stomach problems to your dog. In addition, including herbs like ginger, peppermint, chamomile, and celery seeds in the diet can help improve appetite and the general eating habit of a sick dog.

Different Foods For Different Breeds

Each dog breed has different energy requirements, and you should feed your dog according to its caloric needs. Specific study indicates that the border collie requires more energy than other breeds because it is a more active canine. 

So, a fifty-pound border collie will have different dietary needs than a fifty-pound basset hound. Also, large and more active breeds have considerable body weight and expend more energy during routine activities like exercise, thus demanding large amounts of a starchy diet. 

Check The Ingredients of Dog Food.

Most dogs need the same nutrients, but you can adjust the diet to cater to particular needs. A standard dog meal should have fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and water. To know the quantity of these nutrients your canine needs, you can consult your veterinary doctor to measure the pet’s condition score. 

So, when picking a diet in a pet store, check the packages to ascertain that all the nutrients mentioned above are present. Some people prefer making homemade dog foods rather than buying from vendors for personal reasons; homemade diets should also include adequate water and nutrients.

Feed by the Age of The Pooch

Old and geriatric dogs have weak teeth and compromised digestive systems. While choosing meals for these dogs, you must pick soft chew treats that are easy to chew and digest. Also, you have to provide a diet that aids the immune system; this might entail adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet. Further, foods full of starch are required for senior dogs to help with indigestion and prevent constipation.

On the other hand, pups require a balance of hard and soft chews. The hard chews help strengthen their teeth, while the soft chews supply nutrients effectively as they are easy to digest. Puppies are also more active than old pups, and you have to feed them on high-energy diets at frequent intervals to sustain their energy requirements.

What Does Your Dog Prefer?

Some people call it a hunger strike, but your dog can restrain from eating if you don’t provide its favorite dish. It would help if you considered a nutritious and delicious meal that entices the dog to eat while supplying the required nutrients. 

When weaning off your pooch from certain foods that are no longer healthy, choose formulas with a blend of the previous food and the new treat you are introducing. These formulas allow a gradual and smooth transition from unhealthy to healthy diets.


Feeding your dog recklessly from your table or pet stores can lead to obesity and other health conditions like chest, heart, and liver problems. Therefore, you should carefully pick your dog’s diet according to age, breed, weight, nutritional needs, and tastes. The tips elucidated above will help you choose the best pooch meals without complications.


“Giving pets a safe space while improving your mental state”


PET SAFE is a program created through the Brevard Humane Society’s Pet Hotel to provide a safe space for pets who need to be removed from domestic violence within their home. Through PET SAFE, any pet will be given their own suite with 24/7 love and care and can only be accessed by their Pet Parent after enrolling them. Studies show that approximately 50% of individuals do not leave abusive situations for fear their pet will be injured or killed. Since Animals are not able to speak, we must be their voice and act accordingly. Our mission is to give the utmost care to their animals which will be 100% covered for all needs including Vet care, food, grooming, and any other essentials. This program is funded through private donations and has limited space availability.


Here at PET SAFE, we know that these situations can happen acutely and are time-sensitive. Once the victim has overcome their living situation, the pet will be reunited with their owner. For more information, you can access our website at BedandBiscuit.org or contact us anytime at (321) 609-5257.

Home has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it?

Many animals in our community are looking for that home and their “person.” Since 1952, Brevard Humane Society has been finding homes as the oldest nonprofit no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary.

We are dedicated to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, we educate the community on responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. We are advocates for spaying/neutering to reduce the homeless pet population, while providing quality care to Brevard’s abandoned animals by placing them with responsible, caring owners in new “furever” homes.

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