Home has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? Many animals in our community are looking for that home and their “person.” Since 1952, Brevard Humane Society has been finding homes as the oldest nonprofit no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary.

We are dedicated to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, we educate the community on responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals. We are advocates for spaying/neutering to reduce the homeless pet population, while providing quality care to Brevard’s abandoned animals by placing them with responsible, caring owners in new “furever” homes.



Irma can’t get us down!

We have weathered Irma, though there was much animal care involved during the no-electric, no-water days. The animals are good, stayed clean, and were walked, much of it due to our wonderful volunteers!

We can still use volunteer help, though, because like many of you, we have experienced downed branches and limbs. Ella’s Walk has sustained a lot of fallen tree debris, along with other areas by the barn. If you can help with cleanup, please come to 1020 Cox Rd. with a rake, gloves, and chainsaw if you have any of those items! Boots are handy, as there is some standing water.

We are still taking donations to recover, and we are still taking donations to help with our Harvey Pipeline. Please see our Donate page!

  1. Help Us Weather Irma!

    $1,285.00 donated