Whether you want to sponsor a pet, an event or a program, your sponsorship aids The Brevard Humane Society in our mission to help homeless pets. Without your generosity, we would not be able to accomplish the life-saving efforts that helps over 1,700 homeless pets annually.

Why Sponsor?

Even though you’re not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for our homeless animals. Because of generous people like you, the Brevard Humane Society continues to save animals that may have otherwise been euthanized, neglected, or abused.

Our sponsorship program also enables you to make a tax-deductible donation that will support one or more of our adoptable pets. Sponsorship can directly support a particular pet of your choosing or be utilized for any of the animals in our care. Your contribution can assist in offsetting medical expenditures, adoption fees, microchipping or more to ensure that we can continue to save even more animals moving forward.

Sponsorship Benefits

We understand and realize that not every business is alike so your support, at any amount, is greatly appreciated. Our team will work diligently to find just the right mix of marketing, customer engagement, and branding to fit your budget. So whether you wish to underwrite a kennel, support a program (education, medical or adoption) or sponsor an event, your sponsorship can be customized accordingly.

The Brevard Humane Society currently offers a wide array of marketing opportunities that extend across various mediums, including:

  • Promotional Marketing – Invitations, Posters, Signs, Programs, T-Shirts, and more!
  • Monthly Flyer – distributed at all events.
  • Facebook – Over 14,500 likes, reaching over 32,000 weekly.
  • Event Participation / Complimentary Tickets
  • Media coverage – press releases, advertising, and on-air.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor a Pet:

You can sponsor the adoption fee for a pet of your choice through our “Play It” Forward program. In this program, sponsors cover the cost of adoption for a Brevard Humane Society homeless pet. This program helps long-term or special needs animals gain the attention they deserve and find loving homes quickly. Then once adopted, their adopters have the option of paying it forward and sponsoring another adoptable pet!

Sponsor a Kennel:

Join our K.I.N.D. Program (Kennels in Need of Donation) to help us house hundreds of pets!

Sponsor an Event:

We offer a full range of sponsorships one to fit any budget. Event sponsorship allows you to be seen by current and potential customers. Learn about upcoming event opportunities by visiting our event page or contacting our Event Coordinator, at (321) 636.3343 ext. 218.