The Florida Department of Health in Brevard has issued a rabies alert after a stray cat tested positive for the fatal disease Thursday, 1/17 in the Friday Road & Fern Meadows area in Cocoa and a stray kitten tested positive on Monday, 1/28 near Industry Drive in Melbourne. These alerts will remain in effect for the next 60 days. For more information, please contact the Department of Health-Brevard at 321-634-6337, or Brevard County Animal services at 321-633-2024.
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Adoption prices may vary based on an animal’s age, size, breed, medical condition or length of time at the shelter. When you adopt from the Brevard Humane Society your adoption fee helps provide medical care, food, and shelter for the animals still in our care.  

 CATS (Felines)                    View Adoptable Cats

Type Adoption Fee
Cat (1-7 years) $25.00
Specialty Cat (1-7 years) $100.00
Senior Cat (8 years & up) $5.00
Specialty Senior (8 years & up) $50.00
Kitten ( under 1 year) $35.00
Specialty Kitten (under 1 year) $100.00

 DOGS (Canines)             View Adoptable Dogs

Type Adoption Fee
Dog (1-7 years) $100.00
Specialty Dog (1-7 years) $200.00
Senior Dog (8 years & up) $50.00
Specialty Senior (8 years & up) $100.00
Puppy ( under 1 year) $150.00
Specialty Puppy (under 1 year) $200.00

 OTHER PETS                      View Adoptable Pets

Type Adoption Fee
Mice $3.00
Gerbils/Rats/Hamsters $5.00
Guinea Pig / Rabbits $10.00
Birds $10 and up
Potbelly Pigs $150.00

Additional Charges:

Product Cost
County Tag $10 (Altered) / $16 (Unaltered)
+ $2 Handling Fee
Microchip $25 + $2 Disposal Fee
Rabies $15 (1 year) / $20 (2 years)
Cardboard Carrier $6.00
Lead $1.00

Adoption fees may be reduced during certain events and promotions- view our current News and Events pages for information on upcoming adoption discounts.