Who We Are

As a leading animal welfare organization, Brevard Humane Society promotes responsible pet ownership and provides spay/neuter programs and services. We have been helping Brevard County’s homeless animals since 1952 and with our adoption guarantee: No animal admitted to our facility will be euthanized due to time, space, or treatable medical conditions. Until their “furever” home arrives, we provide shelter, food, veterinary care, and plenty of love to our animals!

We are a private, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable animal welfare organization supported solely by our programs and services, as well as donations, private grants and fundraising events. We offer programs and services to educate, inform, and inspire people to take responsible care of their pets and treat animals with the kindness they deserve. With the support of people  across the county, we are helping to create a better community for all.