Avoid Surrendering Your Pet

The Brevard Humane Society understands that sometimes rehoming your pet may be your only option. While we do offer pet surrender services at our facility, there are benefits to choosing to rehome your pet yourself:

  • You personally meet the adopter. By rehoming yourself, you have the opportunity to meet your pet’s new family and can better prepare that adopter with all the necessary and important information to help your pet be comfortable when transitioning into a new home. After all, you know your pet better than anyone else!
  • Avoid euthanasia. Unfortunately, pets may be humanely euthanized due to health or behavior related issues. Rehoming the pet yourself prevents this outcome and also prevents overcrowding.
  • Some pets are not good candidates. Kennels can be very stressful places for pets and this stress can make finding a new home difficult. For example, many dogs may bark and while this is quite normal, adopters may think the pet is too “loud” or “active” for their family, when this is not necessarily the case. Some pets may even develop behavioral issues from prolonged stays, such as fear, aggression, or anxiety. Allowing the pet to remain in your home eliminates this potential stress.