A new pair of frisky felines has taken up residence at Brevard Zoo courtesy of the Brevard Humane Society. Their new home, the “Catio”, gives visitors a chance to meet the zoo’s cuddliest residents and learn how to create a catio environment at home while offering the rare opportunity to adopt a zoo animal of their very own. The new habitat, part of the zoo’s Butterflies and the Magic of Nature exhibit which opens Saturday, May 26th, may look very familiar to visitors – it resembles that of a front porch. Featuring places to scratch, climb and play, it is enclosed by a mesh screen, which offers the cats a way to experience the outside world safely.

“The ‘Catio’ represents a couple things that are truly at the heart of Brevard Zoo’s mission, as well as our own work at the Brevard Humane Society,” said Theresa Clifton, Executive Director of Brevard Humane Society.  “One is animal welfare, and the other is education. Brevard Zoo’s ‘Catio’ not only protects wildlife but also offers our feline residents a safe environment with the outdoor enrichment they need to thrive. This is an ideal partnership that enables us to visually educate cat owners on responsible pet ownership and how to protect cats from hazards they might encounter outside.”

Six months old catio residents, Jack and John, came to the Brevard Humane Society after being surrendered by their owner earlier this year. Both brothers will be available to a loving home through the Brevard Humane Society’s adoption program after spending a little more time at the zoo. To learn more about creating a catio of your very own, please visit the zoo’s blog at: In the meantime, please feel free to stop by and visit Jack and John, or any of their feline friends, at the Brevard Zoo until Sunday, September 30th.