How Foster Works

  • When Brevard Humane Society receives animals who are not ready to be put up for adoption, we contact foster parent volunteers. If a foster volunteer is not available to foster at that time, we simply try another person. There will be plenty of other opportunities to foster, so there is never any pressure to accept an animal.
  • Foster parents will need to come to our Adoption Center located at 1020 Cox Road in Cocoa to pick up their foster animal(s). At that time, volunteers receive information about the animal’s condition and needs.
  • Foster parents may need to bring the animal to our Adoption Center periodically to be examined by our veterinarian, receive vaccinations or other treatment.
  • Generally speaking, kittens and puppies need to remain in a foster home until they are (8) Weeks Old and have reached at weight of at least 2 lbs. and sick or injured animals would need  to be returned upon recovery
  • Once the foster period is over, the foster volunteer returns the animal(s) to the Brevard Humane Society so our staff can complete the final steps necessary to prepare the animal for adoption including spaying/neutering.

While it can be difficult to say “goodbye,” fostering is a very rewarding and fulfilling program that helps to save the lives of animals who may not have had a chance otherwise.

The Brevard Humane Society provides: Pet supplies, all veterinary care and medicine for foster animals, plus plenty of support to foster parent volunteers. 

Foster parent volunteers provide: Time, a place in their home, and lots of love.