Post-Adoption Care

Congratulations and thank you for adopting your new pet! The Brevard Humane Society is committed to supporting our adopters post-adoption, and to nurturing  lifelong, loving relationships between animals and people. If you adopted an animal from us within the past fourteen (14) days and have any health related concerns regarding your pet, please contact the Brevard Humane Society immediately at 321.636.3343.

While our staff makes every effort to assess and report the health of your new pet, the Brevard Humane Society is not a full-service veterinary hospital or clinic. In the uncommon event that your pet is found to have a severe chronic illness, a serious orthopedic problem, a congenital birth defect or a life-threatening, potentially incurable disease, such as canine distemper or feline leukemia virus infection, please contact us so we can discuss your options, including an exchange for a different pet. In the unfortunate event, your new pet is found to have a medical condition that you are unable to care for, you may also relinquish the pet to us.

Please note that should you agree to diagnostics or treatment recommended by your veterinarian, or you obtain medications from your veterinarian, the Brevard Humane Society is not able to reimburse you or your veterinarian for any medical expenses you may incur.