Reclaiming a Lost Pet

In order to identify and reclaim your lost pet from the Brevard Humane Society, our requirements include:

  • Owners should bring proof of ownership such as veterinary records, adoption contract, animal license, or photos.
  • An impound fee of $35 in addition to any vaccinations/tests will be charged.*
  • If testing or vaccinations were necessary, an additional boarding fee of $5 per day will be applied.
  • The animal must be returned to the current owner, not a friend or family member and valid identification is required.

*Should the owner wish to microchip their pet, the Brevard Humane Society will waive the impound fee of $35 and charge $30 (plus a $3.00 biohazard fee) for the microchip.

Please note that according to Brevard County, the animal shelter is not required to return a dog to its owner until the rabies vaccination is current and a County license is paid for.