Adopted: 11/18/2014
My husband and I adopted Hank from the Brevard Humane Society (he was Sawyer at the time) in late 2014 when we were stationed in the Coast Guard. At the time it was just us, and Hank. When we got him, we gave him a lil’ bit of hamburger to share our love.
Since then, we’ve moved from Florida, to Oregon, to Idaho, went back to college, got another dog, brought home 2 babies, one was a NICU baby and we even stayed out of state with our son for months. Our dogs stayed at our parents, our friends, whoever would take them while we were gone.

Hank was my buddy through 10 surgeries following that NICU baby. We moved to a farm on 20 acres in Idaho a few years ago, and my terminally ill mother moved in with us, and Hank slept by her and was gentle to her till she died. Now, he comforts my dad daily.
Hank has been to several National Parks, been snuck into hotels, hunting camps, and even snuck hot dogs off the table at family reunions. He is so gentle and licks little toddlers who try to pull his ears and fall on him. Last night ran coyotes off our chickens and goats!
I feel like working in an animal shelter would be hard sometimes… Dogs coming back, animals passing away and humans being unfair…
So we just wanted to share that Hank is so loved, all these years later! I recently realized he’s getting old, and he’s soon getting a little pup to pass all of his great traits on too. I wanted to thank you for him. He’s a stubborn, ornery, old man sometimes, but he’s gotten us through more then we could have predicted! Thanks for all you guys do!”

– Katie Goss


Adopted: 02/24/2020
“When Bean was found, she was in pretty rough shape. A lot of the people at BHS remember – she was matted with fleas and ticks galore, ingrown nails… generally a wreck. By the time I met her, she had been stripped to the core and rebuilt. She was underweight but gaining, her hair had been shaved and was growing back in, albeit a little rough. She did not care about me at all. I was so excited to meet her but she just wandered around the playground, entirely uninterested in me. However, I felt a connection. I went forward with the adoption- my first baby. I think we bonded in the 3-hour ride back to Gainesville because, after that, we were inseparable. She’s still a little crazy looking, but no more fleas and ingrown nails. She gets brushed 3-4 times a week to encourage hair growth and prevent mattes. She loves to be blow-dried after her baths and wear little shirts and bandanas. Everyone says she’s obsessed with me. She runs the house, searching every room if she can’t find me. Her favorite thing is to be carried around in her little sling bag or backpack. We love to travel together, especially camping. His best friend is my sister’s dog, a 60lb cur dog, who she plays with incessantly. She is improving in potty training every day and gets sweeter by the minute. I love her with all of my heart (ask my boyfriend) and have been so blessed to find such a sweet, darling fur baby. I can’t encourage you enough- ADOPT DON’T SHOP. Hopefully, you will be as lucky as I was to find such a devoted, perfect friend.”

-Skyler Davis


Adopted: 11/13/2019
“Poesidon, my cat, was the 1111 adoption last year in 2019. I fell in love with him as soon as I walked into the cat room. They had just brought in a new cat and it was hissing like crazy in the kennel and Poesidon, who was then named Troy sat on a pillow right next to the hisser as if to show him how to be calm. I sat beside him and brought him into my lap, and we’ve been inseparable since. The attendant enticed me with some very cute very active kittens nearby but I was set I wanted the peaceful black Maine coon with the wolf face. When I went to file his adoption paperwork they told me he was on vet watch and he was not adoptable and I died I couldn’t leave without him we were friends I could tell. I was distressed trying to assess whether I should look at a healthier cat or wait for them to lift his hold. The attendant came out and demanded he had seen the vet recently and that he was cleared and they looked it up agreed with her and brought out a stack of disclosure paperwork. It turned out Troy now Poesidon has a heart murmur and that means he may not live very long I had to sign a lot of papers agreeing I was told this and that I understood the implications and I’m so glad that I did. Poesidon my cat is elderly. I had never adopted an elderly pet before but it is the most rewarding experience of my life. He truly changed me as a person he has made me more empathetic and attentive and I have become a better animal caregiver for being his mom/friend. I used to be a decent animal owner I am now considering going into animal care because being there for him is the most rewarding experience of my life. You can never be forgetful or selfish when dealing with an elderly animal, you can never be late to wake up or go to bed early. When you shift your elderly animals environment too much there are usually consequences. Poesidon has made me a better caregiver for him my other animals and me. I had to write this because I think he may pass away soon I have to decide whether to have him euthanized or let him pass naturally at home and I’m losing my mind cuz it hasn’t even been a year since I adopted him. And I just wanted someone to know I would do it again even with all the pain I’m feeling right now knowing I want more time with him. I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP THIS TIME FOR A KITTEN.”

– Carol-Ann Misewicz


Adopted: 04/19/2006
“Cracker Jack was about 8 months old when we adopted him in 2005. He had the name of Otto at the time. When we first saw him at the shelter, he had his head hung low and looked very sad. So we asked if we could meet him. We were allowed to take him for a walk around the shelter to get to know each other. He was so excited to get outside and go for a walk around the yard. He was really good on the leash and even let us pick him up. He was so happy that he gave us lots of kisses and his little tail was wagging like crazy. We instantly fell in love and knew that we had to take him home. They told us that he was partially housebroken. But it didn’t take him very long to be fully trained and he fell into our routines really fast. He’s a very smart boy and he just needed someone to spend a little time with him. And for 15 years he has been the best little dog. We really couldn’t ask for a better dog. He’s had a few health issues over the years. And now at 15, he doesn’t see or hear too well. But that hasn’t slowed him down. He is still a happy, high energy boy. He’s loving life and is always excited to do whatever we do. He’s happy just as long as he gets to be by our side.”

– Denise McNeely


Adopted: 03/15/2020
“My son and I lost our dog Bella back in December 2019 to a rare illness. It took a lot of money I didn’t have. Since then my son has done his best to grieve for our precious girl. So I walked into the Cocoa Adoption Center and as I walked down the hall looking at the beautiful dogs barking, one caught my heart and my eyes. It was Gibson, an American Pitbull Terrier, his eyes were so gentle, and our interaction while he was in his kennel just made me melt. I knew he was mine. I left and later that day I brought my son in who fell in love with him too. He is now ours. Gibson who we all call Gibby for short gets endless belly rubs and unconditional love.”

– Sheena Guerrier


Adopted: 01/25/2020 
“When my wife and I went to the Warbird Museum for a STEM event, we weren’t expecting to come home with a kitten. But on the way back home, my wife suggested “just taking a look” at some kittens at Brevard Humane Society of Cocoa and we somehow ended up with a beautiful cat named Jojo. He acclimated to apartment living quickly and seems happy with his new life.”

– Christian Garnett


Adopted: 10/13/2019 
“We adopted Zeus in October and this is an update of our little Handsome Man. He is the best addition we had to our little family. He has become Prince of the Dog Park and prancing around our neighborhood Bark Park. As my wife discovered he also likes to dress up. His Sister not so much.”

– Don Marrufo