Adopted: 01/25/2020 
“When my wife and I went to the Warbird Museum for a STEM event, we weren’t expecting to come home with a kitten. But on the way back home, my wife suggested “just taking a look” at some kittens at Brevard Humane Society of Cocoa and we somehow ended up with a beautiful cat named Jojo. He acclimated to apartment living quickly and seems happy with his new life.” – Christian Garnett
Adopted: 10/13/2019 
“We adopted Zeus in October and this is an update of our little Handsome Man. He is the best addition we had to our little family. He has become Prince of the Dog Park and prancing around our neighborhood Bark Park. As my wife discovered he also likes to dress up. His Sister not so much.” – Don Marrufo
Adopted: 03/15/2020
“My son and I lost our dog Bella back in December 2019 to a rare illness that took a lot on money I didn’t have. Since then my son has done his best to grieve for our precious girl. So I walked into the Cocoa Adoption Center and as I walked down the hall looking at the beautiful dogs barking then one caught my heart and my eyes. It was Gibson, an American Pitbull Terrier, his eyes so gentle, and our interaction while he was in his kennel just made me melt. I knew he was mine. I left and later that day I brought my son in who fell in love with him too. He is now ours. Gibson who we all call Gibby for short gets endless belly rubs and unconditional love.” – Sheena Guerrier