Sadly, every year, millions of pets are either abandoned or surrendered. The reasons are countless and often complex, but sometimes it is as simple as economics. Here in Brevard County, the current political impasse is making it difficult for thousands of civilian government employees to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. Unfortunately, the employees themselves are not the only ones feeling the impact, their families along with their four-legged family members are also affected. The Brevard Humane Society, in partnership with Dog N’ Bone British Pub, hopes to aid these families by providing temporary assistance with free dog and cat food.

 “People have a difficult time imagining themselves in that situation,” said Theresa Clifton, Executive Director for the Brevard Humane Society. “We can tell ourselves that will never happen to me, but time has a funny way of changing our perspective. Ironically, it is during these times of stress and financial hardship that having a pet in the house may be most critical. There’s so much data to support how dogs and cats can help decrease stress and improve health. They march by our sides through thick and thin and you may not realize it right now, but you may need your pet as much as they need you. We certainly would never want anyone to have to surrender their animals because they weren’t able to feed them”

Currently into their third week of furlough, federal employees and government contractors are either working without pay or waiting to return to work. Any federal employees wishing to receive pet food should email the Brevard Humane Society at: Upon receipt, a pick-up day will be scheduled at their Cocoa Adoption Center located at 1020 Cox Road. A valid government ID is required and must be shown. For those wishing to make a donation of unopened and unexpired pet food, Dog N’ Bone will be accepting items at 9 Stone Street in Historic Cocoa Village. As a token of their appreciation and in exchange for your generosity, the Dog N’ Bone British Pub will issue vouchers valid for one free draft per person to those who donate.