The Florida Department of Health in Brevard has issued a rabies alert after a stray cat tested positive for the fatal disease Thursday, 1/17 in the Friday Road & Fern Meadows area in Cocoa. The alert is in effect for the next 60 days. For more information, please contact the Department of Health-Brevard at 321-6334-6337, or Brevard County Animal services at 321-633-2024.
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Why Sponsor?

Even though you’re not adopting, you still receive the joy of knowing you helped provide care for our homeless animals.  Because of generous people like you, the Brevard Humane Society continues to save animals that may have otherwise been euthanized, neglected, or abused. 

Our sponsorship program also enables you to make a tax-deductible donation that will support one or more of our adoptable pets. Sponsorship can directly support a particular pet of your choosing or be utilized for any of the animals in our care. Your contribution can assist in offsetting medical expenditures, adoption fees, microchipping or more to ensure that we can continue to save even more animals moving forward.