Preparing to Adopt

Opening your heart and home to a homeless dog or cat is one of the most wonderful things you can do. Pets have been shown to decrease people’s blood pressure, increase lifespan and bring immeasurable happiness and joy—but only if you’re ready for the commitment. At Brevard Humane Society we want your adoption to be a perfect match, one that lasts a lifetime, so we’re excited to give you some tips!

  1. Think about the type of pet you want and whether or not your work schedule will allow you enough time to tend to your pet’s wants and needs.
  2. Think about the additional expenses associated with a new pet such as food, veterinary care, and routine shots and medications.
  3. Think about the rest of your family and whether or not they are ready and willing to add a new family member.
  4. Think about the steps you’ll need to take in order to create a safe environment for your pet like making sure cabinets are tightly sealed, valuable belongings are out of reach, etc.